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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Big Day

Event planners would tell you that you should consider the budget, the season, the cultural panorama, and the venue prior to deciding what your wedding theme would be.

However, I think your wedding theme shouldn't be dictated by any of the above -- it should be a reflection of your personality (and your future husband's of course!) The budget and everything else are factors you can work on after you've selected your theme.

In no particular order, these are the 5 themes I like: 

1. Glitz and Glamour: This is a side effect of us watching the Great Gatsby. 1920's is one of my favorite decades in fashion history -- it was a time of wealth and prosperity, of clandestine excess and partying.

2. Victorian Couture: It's all about romance, beauty, and chivalry. It makes me giddy just thinking how men courted women during that time -- reciting poems, sending love letters, serenading... the list goes on.

3. Fire and Ice:  This one is based on fantasy novels. Think -- Styles in High Garden or in Westeros. Then, the venue would be strewn with white and golden roses.

4. Opulent Gold: Can't wear a golden bikini in a wedding now, can I? And I doubt my church would allow Grooms Men dressed in Storm Trooper costumes to attend the ceremony. This is as futuristic as it can get.

5. The Girl on Fire: And of course, who wouldn't want to see a scene similar to the utopian Capitol in Hunger Games? Just imagine how vibrant it would be.

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