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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Need FSF? (Fast Skin Fix)

My sister's dermatologist shared the "secrets" to having & maintaining great skin and guess what, I'm going to share them with you too!

A lot may sound basic but those basic things spell the difference.

1. Wash your face before you go to bed. If you wait until you're ready to hit the sack, you'll be too tired to wash up, and research shows that skin repairs itself best around 10 PM. So let your skin breathe easy long before you start snoozing. 

2. Wear sunscreen everyday. Use a moisturizer that has a SPF 15 or higher. UV rays can do their damage while you're sitting in class, riding in a car, or walking the dog. 

3. Be nice to your face. Picking, poking, and squeezing force bacteria deeper into the skin, resulting to scarring and further breakouts.

4. Stop thinking that if your skin feels tight, it must be clean. Tight skin isn't clean skin -- it's D-R-Y. If you're rushing to dab on moisturizer after you wash, time to find a cleanser that won't make you high and dry. Normal and combination skin will benefit most from a gel. Got dry or sensitive skin? Go for a creamy cleanser. Either way, choose a low foaming formula. More lather = more drying. 

5. Banish breakouts. If you've got a major acne, an acne facial wash is for you. If you just get spot breakouts, avoid acne washes. They worsen skin by drying out the clear parts and allowing dead skin-cell buildup. The buildup traps oil under the skin, leading to more clogged pores and breakouts. Hence, just use spot treatments. 

6. Keep shine at bay. Reality is, you can't stop your face from getting oily so always have blotting papers. They instantly pull off oil from your skin. 

7. Wash your face after hairstyling. Almost all conditioners, hair sprays, and mousses contain ingredients that can clog pores. So, wash your face after using hair products. 

8. Clean your makeup brushes weekly. Bacteria and oil can buildup which can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. Use a mild soap and cold water to carefully washout brushes and rinse thoroughly. Toss cosmetic sponges after a few uses to prevent spread of bacteria. 

9. Change pillowcases often. As you sleep, bacteria and oil collect on your pillowcase and are reintroduced to you skin the following night. So, invest in a stack of nice pillowcases, and wash them with fragrance-free detergents. 

10. Get a beauty rest. Aside from the obvious that sleep keeps undereye circles away, it also reduces stress - the top acne aggravator! Why do you think, they call Beauty Sleep in the first place? =)

Thanks for reading!

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